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  1. Finally have my 80 dependably back on the road and am enjoying the summertime drives!  Surprisingly good comfort on the interstate and only need to fix one more thing to have it right.  Does anybody have any advice on troubleshooting the cruise control?

    Right now it is totally non-functional.

    Thank you! 

  2. Hi All,

    Recently acquired RQB3144 and need to do something with the stereo.  Previous owner had installed a single DIN size head unit and put 4  box type speakers in the car (2 mounted on the floor in each front footwell and 2 mounted on the rear deck lid). I have to remove the speakers for sure and replace with something less aesthetically appalling.  I kind of figure while I’m at it,  I should upgrade the head unit as well.  I was curious if anyone had install details they would like to share.  I am particularly interested if anyone has installed a double DIN unit as the space would seem to be quite a challenge.  Thanks in advance!

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