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Installed the CNC Cobra/GT brake brackets today


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In an attempt to get my 3rd article finished for Avanti Magazine, I figured

it would be nice to show the CNCed parts on the car. So today I went out

and installed them. They fit perfectly, no issues, just a simple swap. I am

not sure how consistent Stude was between their spindles, I will find out

from the feedback. Please excuse the oil, when the powersteering went it

got EVERYWHERE. This is after 3 high pressure cleanings!




After I got them on the car, I went out to a local business and took some

shots for consideration for a magazine cover. These are ones I took along

side of the "portrait" pictures. "Landscape" allows the best angles.





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Thanks Wayne, yah they came out nice. What you are looking at it a

taped on piece of paper with a concept for a 'company' name. I have

been considering making a number of parts for my Avanti, the brakes

are just the beginning. I didnt want to call them "Rautio Brakes" like

"Turner Brakes", since I have ideas for other things. I want to make

some adapters to mount Bilstein shocks for example, an idea for front

turn signals (with LED) CNCed from aluminum and 8 bolt headlamp

rings. What I came up with was "Rautio Automotive Design Ideas."

Which spells out "RAD IDEAS" on the top and bottom. The CNC shop

is supposed to be getting back to me on font thickness, and it will be

etched into the leading edge as shown. B)


Lookin' good! Can't quite make out the lettering on the bracket... looks like -something- "automotive device"
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