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77 Avanti radiator


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Hi All,

My 77 has been running a bit hot out here in the desert (AZ).  I took a peek under the hood & the radiator has seen better days.  Small leaks in the fin areas & the drivers side tank area appears corroded.  Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket option for an aluminum radiator?  Is my only option having my original cleaned/boiled & re-cored?  Any thoughts appreciated.  Thanks!



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Hello Steve,...nice looking Avanti!.....It's expensive these days to get an original Avanti brass/copper radiator re-cored, and there definitely are aluminum alternatives available for 1/3 the recore price.

I've never used one so I can't give you a part number, but perhaps Bob (Avanti 83) will weigh in....I believe he's running an aftermarket aluminum radiator in his '73 Avanti.....Good luck!.....Ed

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Ziff's radiator looks great, however, there are other aluminum alternatives available for considerably less money!

Once again, hopefully "Avanti 83" will weigh in!:)

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Thanks Ed

Here's some comments on my installation in my 83.


Here's some thoughts on my 74.


What you need is a generic 19 X 26 aluminum Chevy V8 radiator and add, any tabs you need to mount it. I either used tabs on the 83 I installed or had a local shop TIG on the mounts for my 74.

Be sure to check the actual dimensions to be sure it fits but you should be able to find them many places. If you need a trans cooler you can find them with them or install a separate one like I did in my 83.

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