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Need for '64 4883 - mostly interior + gas cap, voltage regulator


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Trying to finish the restoration of my ’64 Avanti. I need:
Console panel between radio and console (someone cut a hole in it, recovered in somewhat matching walnut). OR the Studebaker “buckle” with or without Avanti script to mount on the existing panel. (Authenticity manual pg. F-213)
Radio Bezel: 1562450 or will take any bezel, but prefer the later one with the chrome edge surrounding it. (Authenticity manual pp. F-203,213)
Original gas cap.
Original door light switch (a rectangle with curved sides – Authenticity manual, pp. F-195)
Original voltage regulator.
Appreciate any help in finding these parts! Thanks

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Do you have any idea if the S and Avanti pieces can be removed so I could mount them on my walnut panel? How much would you like for the panel?

I assume your panel is in the color show in attached (lousy) photo?

Thanks for the reply!



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Hi Dennis,....The panel I have is exactly like the one in picture.......The 'S' and the Avanti script are a part of the panel (pot metal) casting....The only way to remove the script would be grinding it down, and I really don't know if the results would be worth ruining an otherwise nice, original '63 Avanti console panel.

The '63 panel also has sort of a 'pebble' finish....I'm not sure how a wood vinyl overlay would take to that surface.

An idea!.....The hole in your present panel can be filled in with fiberglass and fairly easily smoothed out (to be covered with wood vinyl or even real wood veneer.)

Then a repro Stude Avanti sail panel ornament (pirate's buckle) could be installed in the center of the repaired panel.

Granted, the sail panel ornament would be a bit larger....however, it would certainly look really nice!:).....Ed

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Very good Ed, along those lines I see Studebaker International sells the "plate", which incorporates the emblem, but without the walnut/other treatments. See at https://www.parts123.com/parts123/dyndetail.pta?catalog=0001003a&uKeY=AANWI

Do you have any idea of the size of the pirate buckle compares to the rear seat buckle???

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