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Winter Avanti Driving!


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Well, as much as I disliked doing it, I broke down and installed my three year old Firestone 'Winterforce' snow tires on my good old '83 Avanti 'Everyday Driver' this morning.

These tires give this Avanti excellent traction....and I'm also impressed with the car's weight distribution, placing a considerable amount of vehicle weight over the driving wheels!

I have done a few things to 'enhance' this favorable weight distribution.....I keep the gas tank near full in the winter....I carry around 50-75 lbs. of extra weight in the trunk (along with a small toolbox).........I moved the 'Group 24' storage battery from over the left front wheel to over the right rear tire.........and, believe it or not, I drain the A/C freon in the fall and remove that heavy 'torpedo style' A/C compressor from the engine compartment, to be reinstalled in the spring!

Some of the above may sound a bit drastic, but good old RQB3655 has never gotten stuck....not even on icy hills!..........AVANTI!!.......Ed:D

PS....Tire pressure is important too.....I keep 30 lbs in the front, and 27 lbs in the snow tires.


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Good for you and your Avanti.  It reminds me of around here in the 1960s and 1970s.  Many that had more than one nice Studebaker drove their Avanti in the Winter because of the fiberglass body.  They soon learned of the rust problems with the torque boxes and frame.  I remember frame changes in the 1970s. 

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3 minutes ago, NHcamper said:

What is your secret to keeping the rust at bay? I hear fluid film works good.

Pre-winter, I coat the frame, inside & out with used 15-40 engine oil, with the Avanti parked outside over a large blue nylon tarp, and then allow it to 'drip-dry'!

I replaced the original mild steel 'hog troughs' with fiberglass ones years ago.

Also, we have access at work to a year-round indoor car/truck wash.....I spray down the underside frequently.

And this has been my rust control 'system' for the last 25 winters!:D




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