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Need Help with ’64 Radio Installation – wiring, bezel, fitment


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Bought car long time ago with different radio, so bought ’63 radio online some time ago, now having installation problems. Can’t find wiring diagram. Under dash have GREEN wire with black connector on end coming from left. HAS power.

There are also two wires taped together (looks factory), also coming in from left, one a lighter green, one white.

SDC friend gave me correct 3 prong plug for back of radio, Ground-Speaker-12V markings on paper glued to radio. On the plug the ground & speaker wire is molded together, green with black stripe for ground, white with green stripe for speaker.

HOW do I wire up the radio?

Problem #2: I can’t get radio all the way in – the bottom of the speaker bumps the top of the radio so it can’t slide in by about a quarter inch. I’m actually not thinking of using the center speaker as there were two auxiliary speakers installed in the doors. How do I remove the speaker? See protrusions at edges but they’re not threaded.

I don’t have any bracket called for in Parts Manual that goes on the R side of radio, so how does the bracket mount? To the top (where)? Easily fabricated?

The wood-grained bezel doesn’t fit. The opening is tall enough but not wide enough. The one I have is 3 5/8” wide but the radio opening is about 4 3/8” wide. Where can I get one or how can I modify mine (dremel)?

Lastly, there is a large grounding strap, wrapped in yellow, attached to Z bar (I think). Where does the other end go??? It’s just hanging down.

I know this is a lot of questions. Any one suggestion for any of the above issues is greatly appreciated.

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