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Cobra brake breakin pictures


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Went out driving around after correcting the runout issue, have a little bit

pulsating left, but it got better then more I drive it. The manufacturer had

told me to follow this proceedure :


Here are a few pictures along the way :

Would you believe that those rear brakes are the same diameter as the

stock Studebaker fronts?



Getting down low .. and watching for cars!


Went to the beach, here is the river where it hits the Pacific :



Looks kinda menancing :


Here is what happens when your gas gauge doesnt work, and you throw

caution to the wind and decide to make "one run" before hitting the gas

station to fill up - you run out of GAS! Luckily, I was walking distance to

the Vandenberg Air Force Base NASA Gate. I was able to call a friend, &

he drove out to bring me gas. I made the mistake of taking a picture of

the Gate on the way back to the car. I was met shortly by Vandenberg

Police, & they were going to take my film until I explained it was a digital

camera. He had to watch, as I deleted the image, after calling into their

headquarters to find out what to do. 911 changed more then a few things.


This is for those who think there is no passenger side :



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