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Installing a new Silvertone Exhaust System


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I have been playing with the new stainless steel Silvertone exhaust system I purchased from Don in Canada.

First of all, it is a very nicely made system. All the pieces were delivered on time and with no dents or dings, and everything appears to fit together very well. (I will post some pictures later)

Don told me to make some 7/8 inch long cuts on the female ends so the clamps can squeeze and not damage the joints. I made my four cuts at about the 2, 4, 7, and 10 o'clock positions on the pipes. I de-burred them inside afterwards.

Don suggested using a high quality RTV silicone exhaust sealant at the joints. Others (Non Studebaker car guys) have warned me off the Sealant saying it will make any future adjustments/removals/replacements difficult or impossible.

They say they use high temp bearing grease at the exhaust joints.

I know that I will inevitably have to pull a pipe or two as I reassemble the Avanti, so I am leaning towards using the bearing grease.

Any thoughts?



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Mike, you may want to use some sealer when you put the system together for the final assembly. I would think you would not want to use any sealer for the preliminary assembly and probably not for the final one too. New pipes in good condition should assemble and seal with proper installation and clamps. The Avanti is looking good.

Just had all the fluids and filters changed on R4541. All the fluids had obviously been in there for some time, but there were no unpleasant surprises found in the drain pans. Brake fluid was especially dirty, but we got it flowing clean and with no bubbles after some effort.

Should know something about the new wheels in the next week or so.


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