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This might be a question for Mike Baker and crew but I'll throw it here anyhow.

My heart lies with road racing, and only two Avantis ever fulfilled that category: the Mid-Ohio Avanti GT, and the Dillon built tube frame Avanti GTO made for the 24 hours of Daytona. I like the Avanti GT because it is a production based car and I have it in my plans to build a Blake car paying homage to it.

How would I go about recreating the flared fenders and fascia / air dam? Or for that matter, how would people who own a 20th anniversary edition recreate their air dam, should their factory one become damaged and no longer usable?

We need supersize blocks of that dental impression stuff. Just press it up against a shape and that shape lives forever. Then we could slather some PVA in there and use the impression blocks as molds.

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