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Power steering hose fittings at the pitman arm/control valve

Mark L

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I am starting to sort out and correct various issues I found / I am finding on 63R-1204 since I bought it in March 2023.  One item is with the power steering hoses where they connect to the pitman arm / control valve assembly.

The parts manual shows that two of the four hoses connect to tubes that point more or less straight forward toward the front of the car, while the other two connect to tubes that make a 180 degree bend and point to the rear of the car.  On the other hand, the Avanti Authenticity Guide shows that all four tubes make 180 degree bends and point to the rear of the car.  The Guide also shows that all four hoses are clamped to the bottom of the left frame rail so that the hoses are kept away from the left exhaust header pipe.

On 63R-1204, only one of the tubes makes a 180 degree bend to point to the rear.  The other three tubes make 90 degree bends and point down so that those three hoses must hang under the control valve in order to connect to it.  See the attached photograph.  The hoses are really close to the ground, and at least one has a flat spot on it where it has chaffed against the pavement as the car is driving.  Also, only two of the four hoses are clamped to the frame.  The other two come down from above and just hang there.  Obviously, I need to fix this.


If I order new hoses, will they come with the hoses swaged to the correct tubes as shown in the parts catalog?

If the hoses do not come with the tubes swaged to the hoses as assemblies, does anyone fabricate and sell the 180 degree tubes as separate items I can purchase that have the correct tube nuts that will connect to the hoses and the control valve?


Thank you for your assistance.



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These appear to be replacements made up by a hose shop and use many incorrect fittings. If you order new hoses from one of the vendors they will come with the correct fittings. They need to be fitted and secured as shown in the manuals to prevent kinking and chaffing. you may need to tweak some of the tubes to get them all in but they work well when finished. Getting them all fitted to the valve can be a lesson in patience but they fit. Compare the fittings you remove to the ones you get in case someone added adapters on the threaded ends. 

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I ordered a set of four hoses from Nostalgic Motor Cars on May 5, and they arrived on May 10. They did come completely assembled with all the correct fittings. I'm not looking forward to doing the job, but certainly anticipating the finished installation.

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