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Dash Pads?


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31 minutes ago, Dunkin said:

Any recommendations for dash pads out there? Thank you.

Dan Booth advertises dash pads in almost every issue of Avanti Magazine....Pricey but high quality!

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On 2/5/2023 at 2:33 PM, Dunkin said:

I will contact them. I understand that Studebaker Intl. has some but not selling them anymore, does anyone know anything about this? Thank you

You're not missing out because you can't get the pads from Studebaker International; they were not made off the original molds the way Dan Booth's are, and they didn't fit quite right.  I got my dash pad from Dan, and it really does look fantastic.  It's not hard to install either, once you get your dash removed, and all the gauges and so on taken out.  Sending it off to Just Dashes is also an option, and it's what I would have done had Dan not started making reproduction dash pads.  The result might be just as nice looking from Just Dashes -- I don't know; I haven't seen one of theirs, but I do know the dash pad from Dan looks quite good, since I have one in my car.  Whether you go with a reproduction pad from Dan, or get Just Dashes to do it, you're going to be paying about the same thing.  I did price them both before buying, and I can't remember which was higher, but I do remember that there was really not much difference in it, so in the end, I decided to support a vendor who supplies a lot of parts specific to the Avanti -- if we want to keep the vendors who sell us the parts we need in business, it's probably wise to send business to them rather than elsewhere.

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