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Update on Halibrand-style Alloy Wheels


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I appreciate all of the interest shown thus far in the wheels. Here is the status:

  • Drawing approved on December 14th. Die cast tooling now underway.
  • Current schedule shows that wheels should be available approximately May 1, 2023.
  • I have connected with Dave Kinney and he will be glad to supply spinners as he has in the past. 
  • The first run will be 200 wheels unless the response says we should make more.
  • Wheels will be manufactured in China. The supplier is a manufacturer of low volume private branded wheels to aftermarket wheel companies globally.
  • Wheels have been designed to meet or exceed SAE Spec. J2530 requirements. This is the industry standard spec for aftermarket wheels.
  • The wheels will be die cast using alloy ANSI A356.0 Temper T6 Aluminum
  • Wheel size is 15 X 6J, Backspacing ET9 (This is the same as the Real Rodders product)
  • Accommodates tire sizes 205/70 - 15 or 215/70 - 15
  • Wheels will be painted with a powder primer + Liquid color coat + Liquid clear coat.  This is the same process used by OEM's today.
  • Maximum load capacity 1400 lbs.
  • Costs need to be finalized. Open items include current tariffs and shipping from Long Beach, CA to Indianapolis, IN. Working to maintain previous prices.
  • I am planning to bring wheels to the International Meet in St. Louis in June and the SDC Meet in Wisconsin in September for sale.

I am keeping a list of people who have expressed interest in buying wheels. When pricing is finalized, I will begin taking pre-orders. If you need to contact me, please use the forum message utility or email me at tcgoesch@mac.com.

Tom Goesch

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Hello Tom and thank you for the update. Could you tell me if Dave Kinney supplied the spinners to Jon Myer that he had marketed or did Myer have another supplier?


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I believe that Jon Myer had his own source for his spinners. Dave's look very good. see pictures below he has provided me.IMG_2908.JPG.bbe5aa57b9627cb3bbdf0fb6a7c81cf7.JPG




I'm not sure what you mean by a "63 style" wheel. Below is a rendering from the CAD model. I believe that this is the style that you are referring to in your note.



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Tom, I'm very interested (will send an email shortly) but was wondering about the wheel width (inside bead to inside bead) as I hope to run at least slightly wider tires than the original 6.70 x 15.  Everything in the world seems to be a matter of compromise and I'm looking for the widest tires I can run without interference, and the right wheel to best mount them on.

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UPDATE: Wheels will be in California on Monday! I will be sending out information and an order sheet to all those on my list. These will also be sold by Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors. Watch for a new lower price!

Tom Goesch

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