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Dryer 84 Avanti

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GM changed its parts numbering system sometime during those years.  You might not be able to find a current part number to run down.  You may be able to match it up by finding an exploded diagram from a contemporary GM manual online.  Once you identify it that way a web search may be able to run one down.  If that doesn’t work, try a local Chevy dealer’s parts department.  They’re tied in to a nationwide inventory system.  It’s possible one or more dealers might have the part gathering dust unsold and could be willing to sell it cheap to get rid of it.

I once had a ‘78 Corvette that needed a new a/c kick up solenoid and the local Chevy dealer’s parts guy found several dealers nationwide that had them in inventory.  I called one and talked to the parts manager who gave me a killer price if I bought the two he had.  I installed one on my car and sold the other on eBay for more than both cost.  

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