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R2 Avanti?


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23 hours ago, Dunkin said:

Anything to look for on the operation of the supercharger when buying one of these? thanks

Hello Dunkin,....If you intend to purchase a used Paxton ball drive supercharger, as used on the Studebaker Avanti, it's weakest point is the internal planetary drive element which steps up the impeller speed.

When you spin the drive pulley, it should turn with some resistance...it wont spin free...but what's important is that it turns smoothly and evenly.

If you feel a 'jerky' motion as you turn the drive pulley, or sense a 'ratcheting', or feel the drive pulley wanting to suddenly 'stop' and then you have to push pass the 'stop'.....that means the drive element is defective (burnt out) and would definitely need replacing.

Paradise Wheels in California can sell you a new drive element....however, it would probably make sense to bite the bullet and send them the supercharger for an in house overhaul.

No question about it, Paxton ball drive superchargers were fragile units when new, and they didn't get any less fragile with age.....Good luck!.....Ed:)

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And the fuel return line (to fuel tank) is plumbed completely different according to which of the two filters is used!:)

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