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Hello everyone! I made a review on a 1978 Avanti II which I think you will all enjoy. In the video, I take a detailed look at the exterior and interior of the Avanti, take it for a drive, and give my thoughts on the vehicle. I'd really appreciate it if you all took a look at the video. Thank you and I hope you'll enjoy the video!

- James W.

Video Link: 1978 Avanti II Review



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Accidentally placed two of the same photo in my post.
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11 hours ago, pantera928 said:

Interesting review from a non-Avanti person. Too bad the steering was not tight like it should be

I had a really fun time with the Avanti, I learned a lot and have certainly gained a new appreciation for it that I didn't have before. Yes, hopefully the steering issue will be solved on this one someday. Thanks for watching the video!

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