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1989 a/c and heater fan


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Hi Ron,

Motor is below the dashboard on the passenger side, above the passengers foot well. The carpeted box above the passenger foot well must be removed.(You can reach up through the recirc door at the passenger foot well and feel / turn the squirrel cage blower attached to the motor.

The carpet must be peeled back just below the dash pad to reveal the screws holding that portion of the box to the underside of the dash. The recirc door on the footwell right wall is all part of this same box. There are screws hidden in the carpet on the right footwell wall around and below the recirc door that must be removed.. Remove the passenger side speaker grill. I do n iot remeber the total # of screws , it has been yrs since I replaced the motor and resistor assembly on my '89. Good luck.



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