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power window repair specialist needed


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You don't specify what needs fixing.

If it's just replacing the motor, that's one thing.

The bad news is the Avanti window glass is too long and heavy for the motor and mechanism used.  The weight soon destroys the motor and when the motor is repaired a couple of times, the forces begin to rack and crack the door inner structure.  Then the linkage gets worn and damaged.

jack vines

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This happened to my '64 Avanti as early as the late '60s.  The power window motor literally broke a piece out of the inner door panel.  By 1970 Avanti Motors had "fixed" this issue by gluing (polyester resin?) a fiberglass piece onto the inner door panel to strengthen it.  That essentially doubled the strength of the inner door panel in that area. 

My brother and I both had '64 Avantis in the '60s-'70s, both with PW, and we both could remove and install the PW motor blindfolded--we had to do it that often.  It would become stuck and need to be cleaned and lubricated.  We attributed that to the bottom of the motor being soaked and rusting.

I would like to add power windows to my '64 Avanti by switching it to a set of 1970 Avanti doors (which I have).  So, with the repro motors, I figure it would work reliably, considering that the car lives inside and goes outdoors only on dry days.  And the power windows would get careful usage.

I guess I have become spoiled with express up & down power windows (that work!) in my 2015 Buick Regal.

As far as power window specialists I don't have any suggestions except the well known and respected Avanti specialists we have.  Most modern mechanics (sorry, technicians) seem to have become diagnose-and-replace mechanics.  There are (I assume) a few garages across the country (one near me) that cater to old cars, plus restoration shops.

There is also the Nu-Relics conversion.  This issue has been discussed on the SDC Forum.


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I used the NuRelics units and they work quite well. Probably less overall than repairing what you have.


This is the list of Studebaker Vendors around the country but Bo Markham (Markham Motors) is in central Florida and Steven Allen is near Gainsville.


I don't know if they can repair yours but they would be worth a call/visit to see if they know anyone locally that can.

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I spent quite some time looking for a good pair of manual window regulators to replace the factory power window setup in my '63 Avanti (finally found them)....I'm sure many on this forum would understand why!!:o

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