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Un-Needed Pilot?


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4 hours ago, paul shuffleburg said:

It seems like it would be easier to put a .25¢ pilot bushing in while the engine is being built instead of

waiting to see if is is going to have a 3 or 4 speed tranny.

For what it's worth, the Parts Manual says that service crankshafts for '63 and '64 include the pilot bushing. So maybe all of the crankshafts had pilot bushings installed in them like Paul Shuffleburg is saying. 

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The answer here is TRUE! (sort of):o....Although the crankshaft pilot bearing's main job is to locate and provide a bearing surface for the nose of a manual transmission's input shaft, it also serves as a 'pilot locator' for the front nose of a Powershift's torque converter.....It must be in place regardless of the type of tranny.:)

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