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rebuild calipers??


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Members, who is suggested to rebuild the calipers on my 64 R2?  One caliper just started leaking and it is time to have both sides rebuilt. Please advise who is satisfied with whomever did work for them.

thanks in advance



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I have used White Post Restorations for the Dunlop calipers on my 77 Avanti II and for the same calipers on my 68 Excalibur SS, both with new owners these days.   The work was excellent.  They returned my exact parts looking like new. 

They install brass sleeves and new pistons, seals, etc.   Suggest you get the new crossover tubes (two different tubes) for the job as well.  The old ones are easily bent on removal and the new nuts on the new ones help preserve the threads in the castings. 


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