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You can use pretty much any universal antenna that appeals to you...but you have to run a ground wire to the chassis somewhere...one of the bolts under the trunk carpeting will work.  On the '70 I owned I added some sheet metal under the antenna to act as a ground plane for better reception.  I used an antenna that retracted all the way into the body nearly flush with the mount.

A power antenna can install the same way...other than the power lead and make sure you run a ground wire.  

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Antennas work better with a ground plane...with a metal body the antenna is self-grounding and the body acts to broaden the area of reception...especially with FM radio.

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On 10/7/2021 at 3:56 PM, Kodjo said:

I have a standard antenna (12 euro only) too but no ground wire. Works perfect. Why should I run one?

Just for fun, take a piece of wire and and ground it to the chassis.  While listening to the radio, touch the ground wire to the housing of the antenna and see if there is an improvement in the volume of the sound. 


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