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Traction bar, a can of worms.


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Went to replace the bushings on the traction bars, while I had the axle apart. 
Passenger side came out fine, driver side, not so much. 
Anyone encounter this? Any suggestions?

im thinking I may have to grind the rest off at the bracket surface and have someone tig weld a replacement. 


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Looks like there's enough of a 'nub' there to slide the trac bar with new bushing on, then find a retaining washer (of the proper size to fit over 'nub')....... mig weld that washer to the 'nub' by welding through center hole of washer.

If you should want to remove trac rod in future, just grind weld off.:)

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Thanks @mfg. I ended up cutting the entire stud off. I was hoping the head could be punched out but its partially welded in.

I found some grade 8 hardware to match at the hardware store, lobbed off the head and threaded the unthreaded side.

Then I drilled and tapped the bracket to match. I'll need to take the car to a shop to weld things in place but it should hold up nice.






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