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'63 Avanti fuel tank vent tube issue

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An update: For the past week I had the car's vent tube plugged and the (non vented) gas cap cracked ever so slightly. It took a while to properly blow out the old gas fumes but since then there has been no increase in vent fumes. 

While Ntenna's description is likely what happened during installation, and I would like to properly affix the vent tube internally so it would operate like stock, I have too much else going on to spend time doing that right now - if it can be put off. I rarely drive the car. Does anyone see a problem with me keeping the vent tube plugged and just using the cracked gas cap as a pseudo-vented-cap until such time as I can relocate the peak of the vent tube?

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You might consider a vented cap in the meantime. Filling the tank easily might be your main challenge. If this is an R-1 there isn’t a recirculation issue anyway, and with a vented cap you would not have a suction issue with the tank, or getting gas to the carb.

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