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Edelbrock Says


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The tech. advisor at Edelbrock just told me they do not recommend their carbs for a supercharged system. Therfore no help from them on getting the right carb for the change. 1963 R2 Carb adjustment advice?

Strange, What if the carb is IN a pressureized box? Still no go? I bet they are worried about

the liability of it popping the top. Of course, you are not running the boost that they run in

the NEW cars, let only anything that might pop the top off the Edelbrock. I think that Studes

are lucky to hit 7 PSI on a good day. Thats chicken feed compared to the new Mustang Cobra.

My guess is some yahoo sued them. The Edelbrock card is a straight over slight redesign to

the Carter thats on your Avanti. I say buy the 600 cfm, swap the tops and call it good then.

I was running a 600 cfm on my "R3" inspired 289 Hawk motor, NICE carb!


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I agree...the Edelbrock is an excellent carburetor. Very reliable and simple to adjust and holds its adjustments (try that with a Holley). I also don't see why using the Edelbrock as is inside an enclosed air pressure box like an R3. An original R2 AFB carb was specially sealed to be able to withstand the blower pressure and not leak and the R3 didn't use a sealed carb. If it's in a sealed enclosure, the pressure is equalized inside and outside the carb, so there should be no pressure leakage problem. Down the road if the Edelbrock needs rebuilding, it should be simple compared to being a sealed unit.

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