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I bought a new seal (from a reputable store) for the trunk lid. I placed it according to the description: The thickest leg of the U is glued to the boot lid and the opening faces outwards.

Unfortunately, the trunk will not close. The rubber seems too hard. Does anyone have a solution?

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I know that there used to be a reproduction trunk seal that was too hard and would cause issues with the trunk closing. You first need to make sure that you received the newer sponges seal to install. Also placement of the seal is important. You need to confirm that the c portion of the seal is over the trunk lip so that when you close the lid it pinched the thinner section of the c together. If it had a seal on the lid and was closing properly, then you should be fine with proper seal and placement. 

Good Luck


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On 4/15/2021 at 11:25 AM, Kodjo said:

the opening faces outwards.


The open portion of the seal should be installed toward the center of the deck lid!!!!!!!

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I bought the rubber from Bob at http://avantiparts.biz/trunk-seal-avanti-1963-to-1985/

Later, I found the rubber that belonged to the car somewhere in my garage. It is much softer than the one I've bought new. So, the material itself could be to stiff indeed. I would use the old rubber if it was not worn out but it is.

There are confusing opinions on how to install the rubber. I did it according to the information on Studebaker international: The open portion pointing outward. Personally I do not think that is the problem now. The tip of the lip is laying on the edge of the car body. It just does not bend 😞




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Installing the seal backwards will affect the trunk closing. I have installed many. Studebaker International also explains that the opening is away from the car body and toward the inside. You have positioned the seal opposite and it can’t compress as designed. The attached picture from SI confirms what I have explained. Hopefully this explanation will remove any confusion to the proper direction of the seal.


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