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383 Stroker Engine

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383 Stroker Engine.  Was going to use in my 84 renovation but have gone in a different direction.  $4,500

1.  383.ci. Engine (1987 SBC block w/one-piece rear seal)

2.  .030” overbore, boiled-out, new freeze plugs & cam bearings

3.  New rotating assy, cast crankshaft, std grind, HD rods

4.  Flat top hypereutectic pistons, moly rings

5.  New oil pan

6.  New oil pump, pick-up, shaft

7.  New performance roller cam and OEM lifters

8.  New dampener

9.  New roller timing set and cover

10.  New roller tip rocker arms & allen nuts

11.   New gear reduction starter

12.  Long leg aluminum high volume water pump

13.  Reconditioned Edelbrock performer aluminum intake manifold

14.  New chrome moly push rods

15.  Reconditioned Mickey Thompson vintage valve covers     

16.  New SFI flex plate

17.  Chrome breathers and thermostat housing

18.  World Products iron heads w/2.08-1.6 valves, 64 cc, heavy duty springs and retainers, angle plugs

19.  10.5:1 compression ratio

20.  Fully balanced, align-honed

21.   Pump Premium fuel, approx. 400 HP/400 LB torque

22.   Engine fired & run-in 20 minutes, lifters adjusted 

Located in South Bend, Indiana 

Contact Bill at 574-532-6927                                                 










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What a great combination of parts. Similar to my numbers matching 1970 Avanti 383 Stroker. If it weren’t so far away, I’d consider switching it into my 81 Avanti. The Avanti with a 383 is a super fun ride.

Good luck on the sale!


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