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Pulled the gas tank out of 1989 Convertible (fuel pump does not function)

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Yesterday evening I spent a few hours pulling the gas tank out of the 1989 Convertible. Since this is a 1989 car, it has the gas tank under the floor of the trunk and the filler neck comes out the side of the vehicle on the driver rear quarter panel, just behind and above the rear wheel.

Once I got the tank out I was surprised at the size of the tank. According to the replacement tank for a 1989 Caprice sedan, it is 22 gallons.

The other thing I was surprised at was how the Avanti plant had modified the original Caprice tank to fit into the 1989 Avanti Convertible.

Here is a photo from Rockauto of a replacement gas tank for a 1989 Caprice sedan.


Note the rearward facing filler port that would have had a filler neck ending up behind the rear license plate.

The 1989 Avanti Convertible tank instead has this rearward facing filler port plated over like this:


And then they added a new filler neck onto the back corner of the tank with some crude welds.


Anyway I need to drain the old smelly gas out of the tank and then open it up to see what condition it is on the inside. The outside of the tank doesn't look that great.


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