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New owner of R63-2036


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Wanted to introduce myself - Tom Adams and I am the proud new owner of R63-2036 who my wife and I are calling AVA.  I am currently in the process of taking her apart to complete a frame up restoration as a daily driver.  I plan on using AVA to drive to play golf.  My plans as of now include: upgrading the brakes to Turner discs both front and rear, put in fuel injection, LED lights, possibly go with electric steering, change the interior back to fawn/elk from the black it is currently and pretty much touch every nut, bolt and piece either replacing or refurbishing as needed.  I don't have a timeline for completion, this is a work on her as I wish type deal.

I am sure to have many questions and hope to learn from everyone and their experience.  This is not my first rebuild, my latest was my late father-in-laws 53 Dodge B4C pickup, included some pics.

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance!




Gulf station Quincy Fl 08.gif

seat drivers side.gif

spark plug wires.gif

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nice work on the Dodge!!    Looking forward to your progress on your Avanti!    From the few pictures you posted here, it looks like you have a good solid car to work with, especially if the frame and underbody torque boxes are solid.  

Are you a member / subscriber to Avanti Magazine?   We have a number of Avanti parts vendors advertising in each issue, as well as many technical and. how-to articles that may be of assistance to you.   If you don't currently received our 100-plus page full color quarterly magazine,  private message me your mailing address and I will mail a copy of the latest magazine to you.


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Thanks Lew.  I have subscribed to the Magazine and got the Studebaker Avanti Authenticity Manual books.

Until I take the body off I will not know for sure but looking from below it looks like the frame and "hog troughs" are in good shape.  Someone has been in the car before as I have found masking tape labels on the wiring behind the dash and many mismatched screws/nuts/bolts as the disassembly continues.  Of course the mouse nest and skeletons I found under the center console would indicate as advertised the car has been stored for quite some time.

Here are some more shots of the car:


interior removed 01.gif

dash out 01.gif

dash out 02.gif

dash out 03.gif

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