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Avanti II VINs on Frame?

Paul K.

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Did Avanti Motors place VIN numbers on the frame of their vehicles?

This would be for an Altman era RQB series Avanti II from the early 70s and not a later one with the 17 digit VIN.

No problem finding ones on the body. There are three that I know of including two in the driver's door jamb:

1. metal plate on driver's door jamb A pillar

2. on the B pillar the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety sticker with the VIN engraved.

3. VIN tag on the dash pad on driver's side just inside of the windshield.

Plus non-official chalk markings on body parts placed there during assembly.

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I have not heard of any of the Avanti II's having VIN #'s on the frame. BTW, I also have a 76 II with the VIN of 2392, a little ahead of the one you had.

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I agree with plwindish. Seems Altman relocated that Studebaker style stainless steel Avanti serial number plate from the right frame rail to the left 'A' pillar....more in line with other vehicles of the era.

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Some of the early (pre-1970) Avanti II's still had body number plates in the usual location as Studebaker's (passenger side, next to the engine hood pin assembly). Of course, this is not the same as the serial number. I recall on those cars the serial plate number was on the driver side door jam on the A pillar.

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