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Dash layout in 1989 Convertible is totally different than other 1989 Convertibles


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While I was over at the shop this evening I snapped a couple photos of the dash in my 1989 Convertible. I am puzzled by the dash because it looks totally different than the dash layout I have seen in other 1988 or 1989 Convertibles.


Here is a photo of another 1989 Convertible (car # 469) that is for sale in Orlando FLA


Here is a photo of the dash of my 1989 Convertible,car # 486


Why are these so vastly different? Pictures of every other 1989 Convertible I have looked at on the internet has the same dash at this car # 469 shown above in the first photo. I have not seen any cars with the dash layout that matches this car # 486

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