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1989 Convertible - Chevy radiator or not?


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The radiator in the 1989 convertible looks pretty bad so I got to wondering if it would be a simple to source Chevy radiator.
I looked on rockauto and it seems that the radiators shown there for a 1989 Chevy Caprice are different than the radiator in this car.
Anyone know what rad was used in a 1989 convertible Avanti?

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If it has the earlier Avanti type radiator then there are plenty of Aluminum ones around that will fit. I used this one on my 83 and a different one on my 74. Both cool well and are less than $200. Speedway motors and Ebay can be good sources for inexpensive USA made ones.


A word of caution as I was working with another member to put one in his 63 ( same radiator dimensions) and it (the radiator matching the part #) differed slightly in dimensions. So be sure you have the dimensions of the radiator so you can check fit.

This is the one in my 74.


So you can see that by knowing the dimensions, even if it isn't one from an earlier Avanti, it's not hard to find one that fits and is reasonably priced and the Chevy style is probably what you need for inlet and outlet location. If the hose fittings are slightly smaller you can either find a smaller hose or use a rubber adapter to reduce the hose size.

Gates Rubber Company has a great website that shows it's hoses and dimensions, I use it when I'm looking for a hose to fit my situation.

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When I pulled the radiator out of my 1991 Conv I took it to the radiator shop and had them recore it. Never even asked what they thought it was? He said no problem and I picked it up the next day all done. He did use a bit bigger tubes inside the core for more flow he said. 

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While I was over at my shop this evening I took a couple pictures of the radiator neck on the 1989 white convertible.
As can be seen from this photo the neck of the radiator where the cap fits is a remote neck that sticks out the back edge of the upper right corner of the radiator.

If I go to rockauto and look at the radiators shown there for a 1989 Caprice I see that the radiator cap neck is on the upper right corner of the rad but it is directly on the top corner of end tank rather than having this remote neck extension stick out the back of the rad.


Does the existence of this remote neck extension agree with what other folks are calling the "original Avanti type radiator" ?


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