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Potential Spare Engine and Transmission

Andrew Maszczak

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I have had an offer to purchase a  V8 and auto out of a 63' Lark.

Engine #V581772.

There is not many opportunities for spares and the like in Aus  

Is this worth my while or is not suited to the Avanti -I have a 64 Auto.












2014-02-02 19.39.28.jpg
















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The serial number is a 1963 but some things look odd. My '63 had an alternator. This one has chrome valley cover and rocker covers. My auto trans had the dip stick tube accessed from the engine compartment. The one you show needs to be accessed through the floor. Someone here will know that tranny.


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It would certainly fit. If it is running and cheap go for it.

If not use the money to fix your engine, I'm assuming there is some issue with it,.

From the block forward they have different components which are transferable except the you need a long nose crank to fit the Avanti pulley so you may need to keep it a stock 259.

Don't pay to much for it, a running 259 is probably $400 plus the auto.

As I said if you just want to have some fun then go for it otherwise use the money on the original motor.

Spares are around.





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Here are some thoughts from the SDC site. If you don't find your answer here, try the SDC forum. A few folks there can answer


SDC = Studebaker Drivers Club

It probably just me, but unless it's an SBC, I like to have a spare setup. I believe the filter location says it's a full flow engine so it's a good replacement for yours. Even a 259 will make enough power to get you down the road and it has spare parts you may be able to use or keep as backup.


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It is a 259 cid V8.  These have been installed in Avantis in the past (not by the factory).  The chrome rocker arm covers and valley cover were offered as an option on V8s.  I believe that the transmission is a Flightomatic, not the Powershift used in Avantis.  If it is cheap enough and you can properly store it, go for it.  It will never be correct for your 1964 Avanti.  I recommend maintaining and rebuilding as necessary, what you have.

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For $400 you should buy it. It is as has been mentioned a 259, but by the looks of the transmission it is a converted Power shift. Cannot be sure but the levers are in the proper position for a Power shift. It also has a truck Water manifold and these are getting harder to find. You would have a full flow block and it would be easy to install a  289 crankshaft and pistons and make it an R1 or R2..

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The block serial number should be from a '63 Lark.

The chrome parts were available from SASCO as leftovers from R-series and Avanti production.

The cylinder head castings were 1957 low compression heads, but who knows was was on production shipped to OZ in '63?

The crankshaft should be the long snout, but again, dealing with export and bitsa, who knows?

jack vines


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