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calipers for 83


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If they are indeed the bendix/dunlop you can purchase new sumitomo calipers from parts geek for around $80 each. They are labeled for Nissan. There are the correct 2 1/8. I believe larger 2 1/4 are also available that will fit into the caliper brackets.


Look for 64 Jag XKE.

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Do not believe most internet parts searches.  The Summit/Jegs/Rock Auto, et al, pay that cheap whore Google to put their listing at the top, regardless of whether they have ever stocked that part.  Then, when you click on it, the closest random collection of junk pops up.

(Do I feel strongly about this?  Yes, as they waste hours of my time when I know exactly what I'm trying to buy, but they hijack my search.}

jack vines


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