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Car Cover Suggestion

Avanti Marc

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I just purchased a 1964 Avanti R2 and want to purchase a car cover.  There seems to be many choices.  The car will be garage-kept, although I probably want an cover which would also work outdoors.  Any suggestions?

I urge you to consider one made of Dupont "Tyvek" material which is the same stuff that is used to make those completely untearable envelopes. It is very light, "breathes," and is UV resistant. You can find much more about this material from Dupont's website: www.tyvek.com/na/covers/english/carcover2.html .

Budge Car Covers makes their "Premier" style of this material and it is available from Metro Auto Parts Market at www.metropartsmarket.com/vehicle/car/covers.html . They list the specific size you need for your Avanti as a 3 and list it for $59.10 including shipping to western PA.

If you want other choices that do not include Tyvek (SHAME ON YOU!) another source of covers ranging in prices from $205 to $72 W/O shipping, is Coversearch at www.coversearch.com/cgi-bin/coversearch.cgi . They list custom covers for '63-'95 Avantis W/O side mirror pockets.

Good hunting!

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