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Best Spark Plug For R2 Engines?


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With most all of the older spark plug numbers obsolete or superceded by now, in the opinions of R2 Avanti owners out there, what is the current spark plug of choice? Is there one brand and part number of spark plug that stands 'head and shoulders' above the rest in terms of sustained performance and dependability in the supercharged engine? Opinions sought...

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That's a can of worms...everyone has their own favorite. My own feeling is that as long as it's the proper heat range for the car (and no modifications or specific running condition issues that affect the choice), then brand means little. That being said, when I had a crate engine installed in my '70 Avanti, I asked the speed shop doing the installation what they recommended, I was told they only use NGK. It was what they liked the most...simple as that.

Studebaker installed Champion spark plugs...still a good choice. J-12Y if you can find them though it's obsolete now. The manual does say J-10Y for sustained high speed driving.

In the 1970's I worked for the JC Penney Company in one of their auto centers (long closed up now). We carried both Champion spark plugs and the JC Penney brand. I found the Penney brand was every bit as good and less expensive. The Penney brand spark plug was made by Prestolite...the same vendor who Studebaker sourced alternators, starters, distributors and who knows what else from. That taught me early that name brands aren't necessarily better. Sometimes the brand name is better and sometimes just more expensive.

One thing I don't recommend is buying those exotic (and expensive) spark plugs. Unless you have a modified engine or ignition system, all you need is the spark plug recommended by the manufacturer or equivalent. The exotic plugs are intended for modern, computer controlled and very hard to reach and replace applications.

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