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Power Window Motor

Guest dapy

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Anyone know the maker/availability of the motor that operates the rear quarter windows in the 1987-89 Avanti convertibles. I have replaced the driver's side main motor but I understand the rear windows have a different motor. Who knows?

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Will consider that. Still need to access the motor. Window may be simply off the track.

P.S. Motor was OK. Cable connection to the motor broke and we were able to repair the mechanism locally.

Access to the convertible rear quarter window mechanicals is not easy.

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Hi ... I had a 1988 Avanti convert and went through the same thing. The passenger rear wire frayed. I went through all the they came out of lebaron converts, AMC Renault Alliance etc etc and other cars, don't waste your time. Even if you are so lucky to find what Avanti Motors used as a window regulator you would have to break the welds on the brackets they welded on so it would fit in the car, then reweld them on the one you found. I just got mine back from a company called Window Motor World inc out of Boone, NC 1-800-252-2649 ( windowmotorworld.net ) I had the regulator taken out and shipped. They replaced the motor with a newer one and replaced the cable with a thicker cable also with comes with new pulleys and guarantee it for 1 year. Save your time and energy and have these guys do it.

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