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Factory Inspection Ticket question


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I ordered my Factor Inspection Ticket for my '63 R-1 (63R1289) from Dan Booth earlier this month. The comments and corrections listed on the 5-page form are straight forward, except for one. On the last page of miscellaneous comments, the last comment reads:

"Apple sause under vents & rear pillar"

What does that mean?? Is "apple sause" (sic) slang for fiberglass dust or for carpet glue? Or did a Studebaker employee eat his lunch in my Avanti? ;-P

Seriously, do any others on here who have their inspection tickets with similar comments? Any thoughts would be appreciated regarding this unusual comment.

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Ha, that is funny. No I dont and I too ordered a full set of documents for my 64R2 #5470. Give Dan a call, he hasnt had a good laugh lately.


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