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WANTED: Part for R2 carburetor

Pete Rutledge

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Yesterday I removed my carb to rebuild it and found that it was cracked (significantly) at two of the four corner mounting pads (see pictures).  So I need to replace the main body (the lower 2/3 of the carb that includes the fuel bowls) of a 3588S Carter AFB for an Avanti R2.  I don't need the upper part of the carb that has the plate with the text about it being an Avanti carb.  I am more than willing to pay a fair price.  






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Glad you found what you needed!.....I was just going to mention that almost any Carter AFB lower carb body from that era would most likely work on your R2 Avanti.....It's the upper body section that's 'R2 specific'!:)

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