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Emergency Trunk Release Cable


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My cable rusted away so I picked up the parts to make a new one. Parts needed - 18" of 1/8 inch galvanized cable. 1-3/8" eyelet for 14-16 gauge electrical wire. 1-Parallel terminal for 10-12 gauge wire. Parts cost should be about $1.00.

1. Slide parallel terminal onto cable 6", loop other end into terminal and crush with hammer. Solder terminal.

2. Add eyelet to other end of cable and cruch with hammer. Solder eyelet.

New cable will be 16" long.


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I must admit I own earlier Avanti II's and haven't looked closely at the trunk latch setup on my '80, which uses a solenoid to unlatch the trunklid. I usually lurk on the 66-83 Avanti II forum, but occasionally I peruse this forum, so please forgive my uninformed question:

Looks like a good idea, but where do you run the cable, ie, is this the same as original (for what year?), where does it attach at the ends and how do you get to the cable to pull it when needed?



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I have seen it on '87 and later Avantis in case the solenoid won't open the trunk. ie - battery dead and your jumper cables in trunk. It connects at the linkage to the solenoid plunger and then goes out the hole for the bumper lights Hangs down a couple of inchs out the hole. You can reach the cable loop from under the car behind the bumper roughly between the licence plate and the drivers tail light.

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