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R5 Avanti Original Film of 1963 Bonneville Run


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I saw a great video of the original R5 Avanti racing at Bonneville in 1963 posted on YouTube.

1st car shown is the gold #9 Avanti. Please note the plumbing in the back window area.

Watch for the red Avanti!

My question does any one out there have any other footage of the 1963 Bonneville Record Runs?

It looks like maybe Ashland or Valvoline was doing some filming.

I remember back in the late 60's films were offered to Club members for meetings. I saw the 62 Avanti at Bonneville then.

I was told if you see numbers on the Avantis, you are watching the 63 footage. Anyone have the original videos?

If the link above above does not work type in " 1963 Studebaker Bonneville " in the You Tube search.

Sorry to say there is no sound but its still a great clip and has great resolution! Enjoy, Luma

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There were films made as evidenced in the photo at Bonneville in Car Life magazine, December 1963, in the article titled "Salt-Seasoned for '64". Note the guy in the picture with the large movie camera on his shoulder while the Due Cento is on the salt.

John Hora and I have been trying to find these films for years to no avail. Maybe someday they will be discovered from wherever they are hiding.

Dick Bennett

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Thanks for the response. I just got the Blue Ray Version of the Studebaker Museums Avanti; Americas Most Advanced Automobile. What is great is the picture is better then the YouTube version plus there is a nice section on the January 63 attempt with Andy and the gang. They also show a black 63 GT Hawk on the salt, 2 red Avanti's and 1 Gold. I also found an

old version of a movie called Chase the Wind that has a few clips from the October 63 Stude runs. Back in the early 70's AOAI would lend out 8mm films of these events but where are they now?

Also do you think one of the red cars on the early runs is an earlier version of the R5? In about 1970 or 1971 I saw a red Avanti at the Avanti II factory with a roll cage in it outside for sale

during the Stude meet. I think it was one of Andys red bombers.

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Yes, one of the red cars was the prototype EX2942 which set the 29 records and later was modified to become the Due Cento.

The red car you saw at the Avanti II factory was the other red car which later became the #8 car. It was sold by Granatelli to Ray Cash who traded it in on a new Avanti II.

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