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Steering whhel wanted

J Boyle

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Anyone out there have a fawn steering wheel for sale?

I checked with Schrock Brothers and theirs is a bit pricey...

I do have one for exchange if needed.

Thanks, John


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Since I went they resto-mod route I went with a Grant GT wheel. My original steering wheel was in bad shape with deep cracks down to the metal ring inside, but the strangest thing of all is the smell. Michael Myer said it was the most putrid smell he has ever noticed from a car part. Apparently the sun plus age of the plastic decay was releasing some chemical that gave off a really bad smell. The one off my car may too bad for reconditioning. You might check with Myer Studebaker or other vendors as they may have one in good condition.

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If you absolutely have to have a correct, original steering wheel, you can send yours to Gary's Steering Wheel Restoration in Carlisle, PA to be restored. I've seen their work and it is beautiful.


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