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Avanti Dealership Showroom Neon Sign - at BIG DISCOUNT.

First come first served basis - only one available at discount. Customer special ordered, and decided on a different Studebaker neon sign instead.

39" width by 14" height, by approx. 8 1/2" depth when hanging. Featuring  all fine stained Italian Neon Glass from the Island of Murano, Italy: cobalt blue Avanti script with ruby red arrow. Stained glass colored even when 'off'.

Being completed now - Personally hand-blown, made, and signed by John Barton - Barton Sales & Service - former Studebaker, Packard, Fiat, Triumph, BMW, NSU, and Citroen New Car Dealer, Ohio, USA, and Professional Neon Glassblower / Light Sculptor.  

A Fine Museum Quality Avanti Neon Showpiece  in Stained Italian Glass - first to grab it, gets it.  Email: info@BartonNeonMagic.com . Website: BartonNeonMagic.com . Telephone number: 513-423-2618.  STUNNING neon reflections in your paint and chrome!


Avanti Stained Italian Glass Neon Sign.jpg

Re-sized Website neon - with curtain backdrop.jpg

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