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1963 R1 oil pan gasket


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I am in the process of replacing the oil pan gasket with the motor in the car...

Do I need to raise the motor to lower the pan?

How much do I need to raise the motor?

Do need to remove the trans mounts or can i get away with un- bolting engine mounts?

Please share any tips you have would be appreciated

Thanks for you experience and comments


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I can't remember but it is difficult. I have this feeling you need to drop the tie rods and remove the centre bell crank. I'm sure someone will pipe in with the easiest way.

It also depends on if you want to pull the sump completely out or not. It might drop enough to remove and install the new gasket without removing everything else.

I hope that is on some help



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Thanks! I have dropped the tie rods,  removed bell crank, and the pivot for the bell crank...sadly they is still not enough room for the pan to come down.

The pan is kind of wedged between the frame cross member and the flex plate for the automatic transmission.

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