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Avanti Convertibles


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Outside of two prototypes which were earlier coupes converted to convertibles, all convertibles were 1987 and later. From 1987 through 1991 there were about 625 cars built...coupes, longer wheelbase LSC coupes, convertibles and almost one hundred four door sedans. Take out the four door sedans and the maybe fifty LSC's, and that leaves you with somewhere in the neighborhood of 475 cars that would be split between coupes and convertibles. I don't know if anyone has any kind of breakdown between coupes and convertibles but you can make a guess. I would think the convertibles would be in the minority of that.

There were roughly 91 Avanti's built from 2001-2007 on the Trans Am and Mustang platforms. Supposedly the majority of them were convertibles.

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Try this link and see if this helps


Thanks, that's a good link I have not seen before, I have an 89 convertible and the usual comment I get is "never seen a convertible", or "my grandfather had a coupe". Would 200 convertibles be a reasonable guess? Ken, Deltaville, Va

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