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Egbert Meeting!


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What was so important about the meeting in Montreal Canada, in August of 1962, between Sherwood Egbert and a certain Canadian Studebaker dealer...and what did the dealer hand deliver to Egbert?

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On 1/3/2020 at 9:37 AM, 8E45E said:

Tell us more about that car.  Canadian selling price? Color? Options?


A very interesting write up about this Avanti can be found in issue #130, (2005) of the AOAI Magazine.....It was an 'Avanti Turquoise' R1, automatic sold to a Dr. Bohdan of Toronto, Canada.

The Doctor initially ordered an 'Avanti Gold' version from Studebaker, however due to the now well known production delays, he cancelled that order opting for a brand new turquoise Avanti he spotted for sale on a November, 1962 trip to New Jersey.......Ed:)

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