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Cup Holder


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I've not done it, but I seem to remember someone doing this on a Jaguar XJS, although I can't find the post.

It might also have used the cigar lighter hole.

My suggestion would be to convert an ashtray (insert) in some manner, such that the cup holder is affixed

atop the ashtray itself and can be simply removed as a unit and the original ashtray replaced to bring the car back to original.

With the right design, you could funnel any condensation down into the ashtray to keep water off the console.

Another approach might be a cupholder design that would flip up and out of the center console glovebox between the seats,

such that the cup holder would end up resting above the front end of the console cover when deployed, and hide inside the

console glovebox when retracted. it could be supported by the front vertical surface of the glovebox, or fastened to

the underside of the glovebox lid.

If you could get hold of a spare console glovebox lid, you could simply cut a hole in it's top and use an insert cup holder,

like this one... http://tinyurl.com/5q9atd

Another possibility might be to design a curved thick gauge sheetmetal bracket that would attach via the same 4 screws

as the radio speaker grill (using rubber washers to keep from damaging the grill), curve down on each side and over the

vertical console so that the radio controls could be easily reached, then joined to cradle a cup or two... if crafted smoothly

and polished, it could then be chromed.

Try this search on eBay and use your imagination to figure out how some of those designs could be adapted to the Avanti,

there are probably a lot of ways to neatly skin this cat...


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Thanks for the ideas, as of now I've just pulled the ash tray assembly out of the rear of the console and am left with an opening that will hold two beverage cans. I guess I need to find a cup holder from another car and see if it might be made to work in this spot. Again thanks for the reply, dclewallen

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If that style works, it will only be fore '76 and later Avanti's as they had the parking brake lever between the seats. I had one of those type cup holders in a '78 Corvette I owned and, while it fit, made parking brake access difficult and dug into my side. I ended up selling it on Ebay.

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Maybe of interest, maybe not: The Avanti was designed in a different era - with what were then considered adequate cup holders molded into the inside of the glovebox lid. In those days, nobody drove while drinking coffee or soft drinks, and those who drove while drinking beer used a paper bag as their drink holder. So the Avanti's holders were quite sufficient for holding sofrt drinks or coffee while parked at the local drive-in restaurant or theater.

I have RQB3771 whcih is an '83, and its console (with the emergency brake handle) will hold a 3" diameter glass or cup on either side of the brake handle. The Recaro seats have fat enough bottom bolsters to held the glass or cup against the brake handle and the console has enough of a depression to keep it from sliding forward or back.

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