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window switch wiring


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I'm trying to find a wiring diagram for the window switches on a 1971 avanti.I would appreciate the help. thanks

I've been mulling over your post for a couple of days... wish I could be more helpful, but I don't have a diagram and I don't have enough knowledge to draw one for you, but here's some thoughts:

What is the problem you are trying to resolve?

Is the motor dead, or can you hear a hum or other evidence that it's trying to work; do you get an amperage draw on the dash guage when the switch is operated; is power getting to and through the switch, etc. If neither window works in either direction, and they both stopped working at the same time, then the problem is likely upstream of the window switches, in a connection, fuse, circuit breaker, or relay. If the window doesn't work, but draws amperage and you can see the door panel arm rest physically move in or out an inch or more when the motor is operated, then the fiberglass inner door panel is fatigue-cracked/damaged and the window mechanism mounting points have moved so that the regulator is binding. If a P/W window motor isn't functioning, you will probably need to remove the door panel and find out if power is reaching the motor when the switch is pressed with the ignition on. In fact, if one switch IS working, it may be useful to remove both door panels to compare (using an ohmmeter) to see what is or isn't working the same (or getting power) between the good side and the bad side.

Removing the motor itself is a tough job, I did it a couple of times some years ago, but can't recall much about how I did it. I think I had to take the entire regulator out to remove the motor. The shop manual covers removal of the window regulator. The motors are all but unobtainable; some motor rebuilders will tackle repairs, but it won't be cheap, perhaps around $200. If power isn't getting to the motor, then you need to check upstream connections to see if power reaches the switch and/or the relay and/or the circuit breaker (cb would render both windows inoperative).

I think the power window wiring in a 71 is the same as the original Avanti, and the wiring harness is shown on page 192 of the parts manual. But, the wiring diagram in the shop manual doesn't show the P/W motors.

If you don't have a parts manual, perhaps this description may help get you started on troubleshooting, although frankly I am confused on some points myself:

The Stude shop manual shows a metal rectangular P/W motor relay (maybe 2 inches long by 1h x 1w) high on the inner driver-side fender

(a foot or so forward of the firewall), with a slightly smaller P/W circuit breaker just forward of it... in '71 the (larger) relay is relocated to the horizontal surface atop the firewall on the driver side, while the circuit breaker is in the same place, on the driver side inner fender just outboard of the master cylinder. The relay has a terminal for battery power, a ground strap attached to one of the mounting screws, and 2 other terminals. I think that when the ignition switch is turned on, the relay allows power to flow through to the P/W switches via (green?) wires from the relay into each of the doors. Some testing with an ohmmeter should tell you whether power is flowing in and out of the cb and the relay.

The relay attaches into the main wiring harness, so the wire colors I mention may not be readily identifiable, and the same relay also powers the sunroof (if you have one) in the same manner as the windows, so those wires will be in the harness also.

Each window switch has 4 wires (orange? and yellow?) to a P/W window motor... of course, the driver side has 2 power window switches,

so there is another pair of wires connecting the driver-side switch to the passenger side P/W switch.

Frankly I am not clear on why there are 4 wires to the driver door motor... it may be that the switch doesn't carry the full amperage of the motor but rather it just triggers the relay to send 12v down the correct wire to the P/W motor and to ground the other wire, or (this would be my guess) perhaps it uses a pair of wires to share the amperage rather than a single heavy wire with a single heavy-duty switch contact. You should be able to tell something about that wiring once the switch is removed and you can look at the backside and experiment with an ohmmeter.

Whether it is done directly through the window switch or not, activating the switch sends 12v to one side of the attached window motor on one wire (or wire pair), and grounds a second wire (via a white wire from the switch to ground?); depending on whether you are raising or lowering the window, the + or - polarity (12v or ground) of the wires reverses. Again, a little experimentation with an ohmeter on the backside of a switch should make things clearer.

Here are some related links:




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I'm trying to find a wiring diagram for the window switches on a 1971 avanti.I would appreciate the help. thanks

I just had both motors replaced and some other work done. Also I bought new switches from a company that deals with 55-57 T-Birds (same switches) if you contact me I will give you my mechanics phone number in Hollywood Florida, he is knowledgeable and workded on them in the 70's

My Avanti is a 73 and this past Sunday was damaged during a Fl to NJ transport in a car transport accident in MD.


917 714 8584

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