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Door Lock Spring

Stuart Suede

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The outside door key lock on the driver's side does not lock/unlock the door.  Looking into the matter further, the spring broke causing the problem.  Going to the Avanti parts catalog, this spring is on Page No. 187 (Plate 21-10), part number 1351173 'SPRING, left door lock control lever'

Trying to find this part, I checked SI and performed an internet Google search with no results.  I'm hoping someone can guide me to a replacement part.  Thanks.

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Never seen this problem before...It's a 'hairspring' that possibly could be found in a Grainger or McMaster-Carr catalog.

I've recently seen NOS complete door lock assemblies for sale  by different Stude/Avanti vendors...If your driver's door lock is worn, as most are after fifty+ years, it might not be a bad idea to replace the whole lock assy. with a new one.

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Studebaker Avanti's used the Mercedes Benz door latches.  You might find the part you need at a Benz dealership.

From an internet search:  


By 67AvantiTom, March 6, 2017 in 1966-83 Avanti Top of Form


Shingletown, CA, My Avanti:1967 RQA-0256 

Hello all, another issue I have to deal with on my Avanti, my passenger door will not lock. Neither the inside lever, or the outside key will lock the door.  When you attempt to lock it, it goes about half way then feels like it's hitting something.

Anyone have any thoughts on where to start debugging this?  Even if I can pull the outside door handle, where do I look for possible problems?

Thanks in advance!



Perth,Western Australia, My Avanti:R1499


If you have a look at your latch on the door you will see a cone shaped section. Under that you will see a little piece of steel protruding from the latch body.

That piece works off a spring and moves in and out depending on if the door is open or closed. From memory that piece needs to be pushed in for the locking mechanism to work.

You can test that by holding it in and turning the key to see if the lock now works (with the door open). If it does work then your problem is the catch on the door pillar. The catch on your door pillar pushes that piece inward when the door is closed allowing the lock to work. Over time that little piece wears a groove in the catch to a point where it no longer fully depresses the piece inward and your lock no longer works.

Have a look in that area first.

Bottom of Form


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