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Wanted: Rear Lid Control Cable Parts 1963


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I have new production rear lid/trunk control cable and T- handle but appear to be missing the escutcheon (1351015) and nut (1547624) that finishes the cable inside; seen on top of the carpet and behind the T-handle. Would gladly purchase if anyone has an extra set Thanks!

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HI Jeff

I'm in the same boat (to be more precise, an early '66 Avanti II). A previous owner replaced the original trunk release cable assembly with a generic throttle cable...did some fiberglass work around the attaching point below the left armrest with well nuts. Didn't work well, and although I've sprung for the correct cable and handle, I've got no idea what the escutcheon and nut even look like, let alone where to buy them.


Have you had any luck with this? Sure would be nice to find a few pics of an original fitting, but no one seems to highlight that part of the car,


Marc in SF

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