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  1. I have a 63 avanti vin # R4004. went to get vin inspecton in Kansas prior to getting tag. the inspector states the vin plate is not applied properly to body. he states plate should be attached with nails not welded to frame as mine is, anyone else have info on how the vin plate should be attached to the frame?

    Oh great! I need to get my '64 inspected and titled in this great state soon. (Just took delivery on 64R5634) Any help or tips appreciated!!!

  2. Hi there. Don't go racing off to Enid just yet. Am thinking seriously about the super charger vs. air conditioning, and at my age, the A/C is winning out. Appreciate any and all help in my search for a 63 R1, preferably gold with elk interior like the one I had in 1963!

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