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  1. Having owned both an R1 and R2 I offer up these observations notwithstanding the fact that owners can have different objectives:

    1. R2s are, for the most part, faster but, as mentioned, more cost to CORRECTLY maintain. This, my experience shows, is particularly the case for the supercharger and if you want to maintain a proper R2 carburetor. Both are expensive to repair (my R2 carb has been rebuilt twice and is still not 100%). I probably will give up on the carb as a Studebaker vendor is working on a bonnet that can be used on an Edelbrock.

    2. I have no interest in being the first car to get to the next stop light. But I try to keep cars original, with one exception, a newer hot rod Avanti road tested (TW magazine) capable of well in excess of 130 MPH. I've had it as high as 60.

    3. The absence of Power steering is an issue, at slow to no speed for either R1 or 2.

    4. Studebaskers, of which I have several, do not make for a good profit center, but an R2 4 speed will be more sought after thus more valuable.

    5. Compared to my newer Avanti, the handling of an R1 and R2 is equally poor

    6. With a few exceptions, Avanti parts for an R1 or 2 are about the same in terms of availability and cost; but are generally, more expensive than comparable Studebaker car parts.

    Having said all of this, I would go for the R2. Ken, Deltaville, Va

  2. I tend to watch this type show but filter out the scripted drama like i do for the endless, often insulting, ads. Recent Fantom shows point out:

    1. The danger of DIY restoration. (no surprise)

    2. There are those more interested in what they want than what they pay for it. (no surprise)

    3. I's good that the Avanti owner closed his "shop". (no surprise)

    4. Power steering choice (electric) is something to remember.

    5. Corvette rust can be worse than Avanti issue with hog troughs.

    6 Gun mounts on a cobra is questionable, in my view, but refer back to #2 above (no surprise)

    So learning two things in two hours may make it worth while. Ken, Deltaville Va

  3. That's a sweet photo! You say the convertible has a supercharger on it too?

    It's an 89 with supercharger and lots more; road tested by Turning Wheels about 5 years ago at 130 MPH and still had two more gear shifts. Just what every 73 year old needs. Ken, Deltaville, Va.

  4. Three supercharged Avantis show up at a small town show in Urbana, Virginia. Several spectators said they rarely see one and had never seen three together. The amazing part is that not a single person tried to tell me they were made in Canada. Ken, Deltaville, Va


  5. Bruce, I saw that one yesterday, it's for an Avanti II. That's what I have on the car now and it does not have the correct offset towards the passenger side thus the fan scrapes when engine is accelerated. Had I of known it was Avanti II I would not have installed, replacing it will be a winter project and I might end up buying Jon's, Also how do you reply to a specific response like yours and quote your text, tried to click on multiquote and quote but could not get the cursor past your text. Does not work like Studebaker forum. Ken

  6. Took the 89 to get the AC charged. Shop would not recharge in the absence of the AC label normally on cars. Label had been removed for repaint and not replaced. Told them it should be the same equipment as 89 caprice, but they would not budge. Could someone photographic label or otherwise solve problem? Have no idea if these labels are even available from GM supply source. Ken, Deltaville, Va

  7. Is the 1989 Avanti supposed to have a door weather strip? Mine does not. My 63 Avanti has such a strip mounted on the door. I bring this up as the driver side door on the 89 was rattling and a temporary weather strip of left over material used on the 63 was installed on the body just below the latch. It made for a much more quiet ride. The 89 was extensively modified before I bought it and door weather strip might have been left off. Ken, Deltaville, Va

  8. What fluid is used for Paxton NOVI 2000 (built from 1994-2000) supercharger? it's installed in an 89 Avanti w/350 cu. CURRENT Paxton owners manual calls for 4oz of "Paxton fluid", but that's from newer model Paxton owners manual and NOVI 2000 might be different. Older Paxton's (1957 GH and 1963 Avanti) use Ford AT fluid but not sure if that's OK for NOVI 2000. Have called and Emailed Paxton and the current parts dealer for NOVI 2000 parts but have not heard back. Ken, Deltaville, Va

  9. I have found several Chevrolet parts books on ebay and amazon but nothing specific to the Caprice model in 1989; does anyone have a recommendations by book number, publisher, or title of which book would best apply to an 89 Avanti? Ken, Delaville, Va

  10. Would someone with an 89 look at the picture and let me know what this wire is for, it is hot and comes from the connector on the starter. This is a considerably modified Avanti and it appears that some component was removed from the right inner fender near this wire. Note the black plugs and the inner fender indentation as if some component belongs there. Ken, Deltaville


  11. I just had the same problem with a 63 Avanti R2 restoration. It was not until I talked with Jon Myer that it was apparent that an Avanti II shroud came with the car, which had not run since 1977. Avanti II shrouds are not off-set to the passenger side to compensate for the motor off-set thus the fan would scrape on the right and slightly on the top and it is thinner than original 63 shroud. it will be replaced later but in the meantime a brace was fabricated and installed from the bolt holding the alternator in place over to the bottom side of the top of the shroud and the 4 lock washers used for the fan blade were reversed thus pulling the fan blade ever so closer to the water pump. If this sounds like it may be you problem, I'll sent pic later tomorrow. Also low profile motor mounts were used. Ken, Deltaville, Va

  12. Ken,

    My rebuilt R2 engine is just being installed. Do you have break in recommendations. Is it possible that your new rebuild is just tight and creating more friction heat? Will an R2 engine run cooler without the Paxton? Will it break in properly without the Paxton? When apart we checked the heads and they are correct R2. My rebuild was occasioned by a piston top melt.

    I used to use break in oil but for last several cars overhauls, rebuilder recommended VR-1 race oil (presumably because of zinc content). This is an R2 but do not have the charger back from rebuild, Jon Meyrs says no problem in running without it. thanks Ken

  13. Ken, you've probably checked all of this, but I have to ask because something is wrong with the setup. The Avanti didn't overheat like that when new and with a clean block and new radiator, it shouldn't overheat now.

    1. Have you confirmed the correct ignition initial and centrifugal advance? Retarded ignition is guaranteed to cause hot running. A. Not yet, person who rebuilt motor wants a few more miles on engine to do final check and adjustments, He is a retired NASCAR engine builder so I sure he will get all this correctly done. I did advance and retard engine and that made no difference.

    2. Avanti with AC had a larger fan with thermostatic clutch. What are you running at present? A. not sure what fan I have but know that it just barely clears shroud.

    3. Do you know you have the correct heads? One builder didn't realize there were R2-specific heads and was ending up with R1 compression. A. Do have correct head.

    4. An air dam helps at highway speeds, but not so much at idle. Verify the inlet area seals to the radiator all the way around in front and the fan shroud seals in the rear. I've seen several cars with holes in the lower pan and pieces of the shroud missing. Any air leaks means air bypassing the radiator. A. no problem when driving, and shroud is is complete except for cut out for top radiator hose.

    I use the Dodge Viper electric fan on my hot rod Studes with Packard V8s. It's a big two speed and will suck pigeons off the sidewalk while you're at a traffic light. A. googled Dodge Viper fan that's the cfm i'm looking for but I do no think it will fit

    jack vines

    jack, thanks, ken
  14. Was your engine rebuilt to put out more horsepower? More power puts out more heat and can easily overcome the engines ability to shed the heat.

    On my '70 Avanti I have a Flex-a-lite Black Magic electric fan rated at 3300 cfm. Due to the canted radiator it makes for tight clearances at the bottom between the fan housing and the crank pulley, but it is sufficient. Whether the Studebaker engine will make for more or less clearance I can't say. It does work very well and generally stays below 200 degrees under all conditions...usually less than that.

    I also have the Saturn air deflector mounted under the front end...that was before the electric fan was installed and it alone made a big difference. It directed more cooling air up to the radiator and likely lessened airflow disturbance under the car. Since it only helps at speed it offers no value at idle where you're having your problem, but it is a worthwhile addition. It costs less than $30 at a GM dealer and is an easy install.

    Bruce, This was a stock R2 overhaul. what I'm thinking is to install fan on outside to cover as much of the radiator as possible, 3300cfm sounds go, what is its diameter? ken (after thought) I have an 89 Avanti that is not at all stock and it stays at 180-190 degrees under all conditions. Studebaker 289's tend to run hot for some reason.

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